If you feel like you don’t fit in to normal society. Feel lost in this world. It’s likely you’re what some people call a wanderer or starseed. You have strong connections to other dimensions and star systems. The reason you don’t fit in is because you’re not supposed to. You’re here to bring something new to the world. You’re here to initiate change and the upliftment of this civilisation into a 4th Density/5th Dimensional Golden Age.

During a Starseed Origins session, (5 to 15 minutes over Skype), I use my ability to see through your mind and into your soul. From here I sense into those aspects of you most strongly connected to this life – “where you came from”. Many of us have had lives, and perhaps most people drawn to this sort of information, in systems such as Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Lyra, Yahyel and many more. Also in Earth realms such as those of the fairies or inner Earth beings. I can connect into and put you in contact with these aspects of yourself.

Discovering your Starseed Origins is a powerful way to become more aligned with higher consciousness. From here we experience more joy, greater abundance and an ability to serve humanity on a new level.

By learning to recognise and tap into the frequency of our starseed origins, we begin to channel new energies into this world. We become more creative. Many channel this energy into art, dance, music, film, web design. The list is unending, the creative potential is infinite.

Aligning with our Starseed Origin frequency allows us to push through fears and blocks holding us back. It allows us to match a frequency of abundance within ourselves and naturally attract more of it into our reality. It increases our health and vitality. We naturally become more joyful, centred and peaceful. Our consciousness expands and we begin to experience infinite oneness. We start to get glimpses of the bliss state.

As we align more and more with this frequency it begins to become obvious we are the creators of our own reality. From here anything is possible.

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