Are you looking for a more exciting life. Want to know how to attract the abundance necessary lo live the life of your dreams. While at the same time fulfilling your life purpose and being of the highest service to humanity. Perhaps you want help healing emotional issues and creating more joy in your life. Or maybe you simply want to experience the high energies of our extra terrestrial cousins and spirit guides. A private channeling session with Jonathan can help you with all of this.


Living your highest excitement. Alignining with your life purpose. Manifesting abundance in your life. Spiritual awakening. Healing emotional issues. Bringing more happiness and joy into your life. The euphoric energy the entities Jonathan brings through can assist you with all of these and more. The Yahyel specialise in extraterrestrial contact and aligning with our highest excitement/life purpose. The Pleiadians assist us with understanding love and compassion whilst initiating us into the galactic alliance. Arcturians: Wisdom and Alignment. Shakani: Fearlessly pursuing our calling. Dolphins: Connecting with the ecstatic joy of playing on Earth. The list goes on Jonathan has a gift for channeling many different beings and civilisations. If their is a guide, star being, ascended master, or any other higher consciousness you wish to connect with their is a good chance Jonathan can make the connection and channel them for you.


The price includes an audio recording of the session. After purchase please email with a suggested time, date, and your Skype username. Jonathan generally does sessions Mon, Tues, Wed and Sat 10am – 7pm UK time.