With over 70% of clients having a breakthrough into the channeling state after just one session – a learn to channel session could be the next step for you. I’ve developed a system that will teach you the techniques, tune you in to the frequency, and clear any blocks that are holding you back. Learning to channel is a great way to accelerate your own expansion whilst at the same time being of high service to humanity.

During a learn to channel session I will take you through a 3 stage process. In the first segment I share the techniques I use to raise my frequency and enter the channeling state. I will then enter the channeling state myself. From here I will give a guided meditation to attune you to the channeling frequency. At some point I will bring one of YOUR guides through to attune you to their frequency. This makes it much easier for you to tune into them in the future. During the final part of the session I give you the opportunity to practice channeling yourself. The aim is just to have fun and not take it too seriously to start with. You may be surprised how easily information can flow through you when you relax, have fun and just let it happen.

The price includes an audio recording of the session. After purchase please email jonathan@jonathancmartin.com with a suggested time, date, and your Skype username. Jonathan generally does sessions 11 am – 7 pm UK time.