Through recent channeling sessions I have noticed an ability arising in me to channel other people’s guides. It seems I have the ability to connect with almost any entity relevant for whomever I am channeling for. If you want to communicate with your own guides or higher self. I can bring them through for you.

The amount of beings I have channelied over the last few months has blown my mind. Extraterrestrials, angels, 6th density non physcial consciousness, collective consciousnesses, spirit guides, fairies, nature beings, dolphins, other peoples higher selves. Part of the reason I am here seems to be to connect people with their own guides and star families. By connecting with your energy field I can tap into other aspects of you, your guides, and bring through specific information from them relevant for your path and your own expansion.

The price includes an audio recording of the session. After purchase please email jonathan@jonathancmartin.com with a suggested time, date, and your Skype username. Jonathan generally does sessions Mon, Tues, Wed and Sat 10am – 7pm UK time.