We are on the verge of first contact. Our star families are waiting for us. We know deep in our hearts this is really happening and will be the event that changes the world. This is the starseed awakening.

This second playshop in a series of online events with the Yahyel will focus upon: accelerating first contact, connecting with the Alliance and discovering our starseed origins.


  • Contact meditations
  • Interaction and Q&A with the Yahyel
  • Techniques to connect our extraterrestrial soul aspects/counterparts
  • Contact in 2018
  • Connecting the group with the extraterrestrial alliance
  • I’ll be tuning into your extraterrestrial counterpart using a new technique I’ve discovered to show you your starseed origins!
Energy Upgrade

As we move into 2018 new levels of energy are becoming available to us. This is an opportunity to raise our frequency levels closer to those of our extraterrestrial counterparts. Bringing us closer to first contact on an individual and collective level.

Contact Meditations

Inviting extraterrestrial consciousness into our reality in a precise way designed to tap into the consciousness of the beings we wish to connect with.


Interaction & Q&A with the Yahyel

Everyone will get the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the Yahyel

Techniques to Connect with your Own Extraterrestrial Soul Aspects

Learn how you can connect with your own extraterrestrial soul aspects. In a variety of ways from channeling to meditating to connecting in dream time and even in the physical.

Predictions for Contact in 2018

The Yahyel will share their perspective on potential windows for increased contact in 2018.

Connecting the Group with The Alliance

The extraterrestrials currently working together for the upliftment of our planet into the new denstity/dimension exist as part of an Alliance. As humanity begins to connect more deeply with these beings we will gradually be allowed into this intergalactic alliance. Information will be shared on what we need to do to become members of this alliance.

I Tune in to Your Extraterrestrial Counterpart

I’ve discovered a new ability I have to be able to look into your eyes, see through your mind and conditioning and penetrate deep into your soul. From here I can see which guides and extraterrestrial counterparts are most closely linked with you in this incarnation. I will be using this gift to show you who you are on a soul level and which extraterrestrial civilisation you are most strongly connected to!


The playshop will be held online on Sunday 4th February. 6pm – 9pm UK time. Registration is £33 GBP. Any questions email The Playshop will be held over Zoom. Zoom is free and easy to set up. Instructions will be sent out prior to the event.