You feel like you don’t fit into society. Feel lost in this world. It’s likely you’re a starseed or wanderer. You have strong connections to other dimensions and star systems. You don’t fit in because you’re not supposed to. You’re here to bring something new to this world.


I can channel your guides or your Higher Self, the Pleiadians or the Yahyel and many other beings in creation. Whether you’re looking for guidance on your path, healing or spiritual awakening. Or simply to connect with the high love/light energy of a multidimensional being.


Are you excited to learn channeling for yourself? If so I would love to help you! With a success rate of over 70% after just one session, whether your into extraterrestrial channeling or connecting with your guides I can help!


By accessing deep levels of your soul I’m able to gain insight into your life purpose/calling/excitement. In addition to this my passion for helping people build internet businesses can help you share your gift!

Max Rempel, Ph.D

I am Max Rempel, Ph.D., a co-founder of Hucolo channeling community. It was a pleasure to have Jonathan as a guest on my show last Saturday. He is the real deal. There was wonderful energy present in the webinar, the channeled entities answered questions from the audience wonderfully and even more, in the recording we noticed beautiful white orbs circling Jonathan. We also felt and noticed the presence of entities during the session. Altogether it was an enlightened experience, perfect upliftment and intensive transformation. I am very grateful. Our crowd loved Jonathan and will be happy to have him again and regularly.

Max Rempel, Ph.D

The Most Exquisite and Powerful Guidance of Source

The sessions I did with Jonathan were always a great surprise, beyond words and expectations. He is a pure conduit and clear channel, bringing in the most exquisite and powerful guidance of Source, between all timelines and dimensions – Not only the pure Love, Joy and Excitement of the Yahyel but also from all my Galactic Heritage and Soul Frequency. Thank you for your Service.

Guilherme Bastos

I highly recommend exploring that impulse ~ you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you for such a fantastic channeling session! The Yahyel have such a loving and funny energy, and it was so enjoyable to be able to speak with them. They also brought forward my Hybrid Children and in turn they brought through a 6D collective guide of mine living on the Pleiades. Overall, it was surprisingly a deeply emotional and empowering experience that continues to resonate with me. I will definitely be booking a session with Jonathan in the future to learn how to channel this energy for myself! 🙂 If you’re here reading this I highly recommend exploring that impulse ~ you won’t be disappointed!


I Strongly Recommend These Courses, Jonathan is Highly Skilled

I want to thank Jonathan for these two courses (Learn to channel and Align with your excitement). I never thought that I could experience channeling for myself and it is amazing! I have also earned much more clarity on how to follow my real passions in life. Moreover the conversation with the Yahyel and my spirit guide opened  my eyes to many aspects of my life. I strongly reccommend these courses, Jonathan is highly skilled, willing and open to help in whatever way we need and he makes things easy and extremely fun! Thank you Jonathan, great experience. Mahalo. Paola.

Paola Montanaro

I like the No Nonsense, Straight Forward, Authenticity That he Provides

I’ve always enjoyed all my sessions with Jonathan. He is very clear cut and to the point with his calling and channeling. I like the no nonsense, straight forward, authenticity that he provides. Jonathan’s transmissions are super and I resonate with them very much so. Thank you Jonathan for just being you. Shivai

Niva Shah

Jonathan Reminded Me of a Long Forgotten Aspect of my Being

Jonathan reminded me of a long forgotten aspect of my being and showed me how to reconnect with that part, how to focus on my highest excitement, how to gain trust. This was done by asking questions and tuning in on my answers. Thank you. Gideon Slager, Amsterdam

Gideon Slager, Amsterdam

Jonathan’s Channeling on YouTube was the Trigger for my Spiritual Awakening

Jonathan’s channeling on YouTube was the trigger for my spiritual awakening. Since then he has helped me identify a being that wants to channel through me. All my intuition attests to the fact that the information he channels is the real deal.

Steve Robert Martin

I Immediately Felt Newly Empowered!!

I had a revealing session with the Yahyels, and was delighted to have such a profound, direct feedback from them. Everything they told me was so relevant to my questionings, I immediately felt newly empowered !!We went together to the root level of my negative beliefs and definitions, them
gently but surely guiding me to the explanation of my " Blocks " !! lol !!! Jonathan provided a comforting clear and continuous channelling, and I am very grateful for his service !! I’ll have to listen to my recorded session a few times, because I already know I’ll discover more.
Anthony Van Wilder


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